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Few elements of a vehicle are more crucial than its battery; after all, it is the battery that, by supplying power to the starter motor, enables the engine to be turned over. The right – not to mention right-functioning – battery is integral to your car’s safe operation. This helps to explain why so many drivers trust Clocktower Auto Centre for the full range of services related to their car battery in West Molesey. Would you like to receive a free car battery check to guard against any potential problems, or are you looking to have a new car battery fitted as a West Molesey resident? Whatever your specific concerns, here at Clocktower Auto Centre, we enjoy a strong and hard-won reputation as trusted local experts.

Car Battery Replacement West Molesey

When you are seeking the replacement of your car battery in West Molesey, there’s no need to look any further than Clocktower Auto Centre. As a dependable independent garage, we are the specialists to place your faith in when you are looking to have any issues with your car addressed, so that you can swiftly get back on the road. We replace the batteries in all manner of vehicles in the West Molesey area and at highly competitive prices, while drawing upon the in-depth skills and experience that enable us to address any conceivable issue with your car battery. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problem or query may be in relation to your car battery in West Molesey; here at Clocktower Auto Centre, our experts will be more than happy to listen to you and put your concerns at rest.

Car Battery Guide

It’s also thanks to the power from your battery that the fuel and air mixture compressed in the engine combustion cylinders is able to be ignited. Shortly after this, your car battery will regain its full charge, due to the power used during the start-up process being replaced by the alternator. The car battery is also responsible for powering such other features in the vehicle as its air conditioning, satellite navigation and digital music players, with these thereby potentially impacting on the performance of the battery over time. The amount of work that your car battery in West Molesey has to do, as well as the conditions that it works under – chillier weather, for instance – can also affect its strength on a day to day, and journey to journey basis.

Car Batteries Faq's

Manufacturers generally recommend that a car battery is tested roughly twice every year. Although they are built to last for around four years, the extra volume of digital and electronic devices connected, such as sat navs, places extra strain on the battery. However, extreme heat in the summer, and colder weather in winter are the most common things that negatively impact the lifespan of a battery – hence the recommended twice-per-year check.

Sometimes, car batteries can fail without almost any warning at all. However, if you’ve noticed that your engine is struggling to start, or that a strange ticking or clicking noise is coming from your starter motor, when turning the key, your battery may be near flat. Dim lights and other electrical issues, such as the radio, lights and air conditioning not performing properly, are also signs that the power is low. If you smell sulphur, a little bit like bad eggs, your battery needs immediate professional attention.

There are simple things any car owner can do to protect the battery. For instance, short, regular trips, where the car is starting and cutting out in close proximity, should be avoided, but so too should leaving the car unused for long periods. Keeping the battery clean will also protect it, and wherever possible try to reduce its exposure to extreme heat.

If you’ve turned the key in your ignition and the battery is absolutely dead, you’re looking at anywhere between a few hours and a full day (24 hours) for it to charge again. It depends on the make and model of the battery, and its age can also be a factor, while the ‘amps’ your battery is being charged with can affect the time too. Best practise is to charge the battery overnight, at a slightly lower amp rate, to ensure it’s ready for morning.

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